Bragging Rights

An obscure being with an unsung jest for life.
A friend noted me mentioning myself as an Obscure being and laughed till his head hurt and asked me do i know what that word means. I nodded saying yeah. I explained him that it is a synonym for uncertain, not easily understood, mysterious. For some reason he still kept laughing. 😛

Wildering dreams ~ Nebulous glow ~Altruistic desire ~ Eccentric.
Creative ~ Rebel ~ Weird ~ Notorious ~ Bindaas ~ Tomboy ~ Frank and a thinker ( i can think both ways inside and outside the box, still looking for the box thou )…… + i have a touch of insanity, just a tad bit.

I am an experimenter.
Many are writer by profession, i write out of passion, intriguing issue/topic or frankly at times out of boredom-sadness.

So far i have lived my  life by one rule “Risk”.
Trouble has always been my middle name.

Love speaking , hence supporting it by being an Anchor.
Inspired the stage with music – Singer, Rocking the Show.
Burn the dance floor – Join me let’s Groove.
As said before I am weirdly different so i Design as well – One day, I will Own a Animation studio, and have my own Range of Games.

A bit about the Girlie side of me,
Just like all you pretty ladies, we all are a bit different and a bit similar to each other.
I Sing, Dance, laugh and Cry.
Have Heartbreak and Goose Bumps, I shop till my wardrobe needs help yet have nothing to wear.
Hate repeating my clothes.

And I am a Big Techie ( all in my head).

This is my space where i can let out what i feel about anything and everything under the sky.

I have proudly conquered depression, it made me stronger. I am the poster child for mistakes, none that i regret. I wear my opinion on my sleeves but none the less know when it matters to offer one. Like i said i know when to offer mine so i hope so do you, since your opinions don’t pay my bills and neither do mine pay yours. I do know giving advice is easy but following it thru isn’t, so i won’t give any but can be a friend who hears you out and i won’t judge you an ounce.
 I have just one life so i live it my way and my way is the right way for me, don’t tell me it is wrong and do not let anyone tell you that yours is wrong either.

So, you know me by far and large.
Music lover, Dancing Diva, Night Crawler, 3D modeller, Designer, Developer – Game Designer, Techno Guru, Foodie, Possessive-Obsessive, Die Hard Romantic, Hot Chocolate Lover, Controversy’s Favorite Child, Reading Eyes and Now i Write.


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