Who I am in love with?

Wanna know, well so do I!

When change is such a prominent thing can your heart not be subjected to it? Is there any bond or legal agreement that your heart has signed? Can you go to the extend of manipulating your heart? And can you prove that what you say, is what your heart wants?

After all the heart wants what it wants, sometimes so badly that you yourself have no control over it. Just like people still have not figured out greed; they are still stuck with this one as well.

So subjective it is, a word which can be used to manipulate, to change, to make you feel good and to break you down to pieces.One Lie is enough

A while ago if someone asked me what is cheating to you I would have said its the worst thing in life, but if you ask me this question now I think i have the exact answer to this and trust me it was always around just never said loudly, out of fear or maybe ego.

Cheating is mere weakness.

Yes, Weakness! just like you change your clothes everyday, your mood and feelings change to but somethings that don’t change are the sense that you are born with.

One Lie is enough (2)
Goose bumps of excitement and of fear, shivering from cold just like these you can never forget how was the first time he hold you, when was it that your eyes met, how did he smile, how he touched you………….I can go on and on.

Aww! The feeling. It is so refreshing, made you feel alive, dint it?

Then what was it, that made you forget all the good times you had; what made you wander away from the one person for whom you are the world? What changed.

Well for sure there is one thing that i can bet on that is they din’t change you did.
Your self love made you feel fine when you walked that aisle of shame. When they do something that you don’t like you go mad, angry all fuss about how they do not care, but what about you, do you care enough?

One Lie is enough (1)

Next time you are at a point where your mind wanders the green lane of lust, hold back for second think of all the good times the smiles the reason you loved them and work hard to make it work. Its not like it is a bad relationship, it just got stuck in a monotonous phase of life and it won’t change by itself you have to put in effort.

Wondering why this article, all nonsense talk?
I read a novel named Adultery, it just made me think.


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