Seasons – The Dominating Factor


Every year we have three season that dominate everything both in a good and a bad way, The Summer, The Winter and The Rains.

They define when we go out, what we eat , how we travel, what we wear and how we wear.
Let me tell you that the rainy season is my favorite but something last year changed it a bit, its temporary i will bounce back.

Soon before rains arrive comes out your umbrella and the windy’s,  and in goes all the whites. And if you ever dare wear a white or for that sake any light shade you get scared for life, the bikes and rickshaws help you if the rain is particularly merciful that day.
I am grumpy with the rains a bit as they ruined my new white, yes i know it was a dumb idea; realized it the moment i stepped out but i was late so had to do with it.


Then comes the winters as if it was really enough to actually drench us all, you know sometimes i feel like these are the just out of bath steps just see if you relate;
1. Shower – Rain, you are all wet and drippy but in a good way
2. Walking out the bathroom – Winter, Then no matter what you do where you hide it is cold, and you have no clue what to do
3. Getting ready – Summer, and the moment you start getting comfortable and start dressing up there you have it sweaty and all warm everywhere.


Coming back to winter, again you do get a lot of things that may not ruin your day like rain water can but getting out of the bed is a really tiresome and courageous task. It takes forever to convince yourself that you will get fired if you don’t take a shower and trust me even a hot shower is scary just because out-of-the-blue the bathroom decides to become beachy if you know what i mean, I mean how where does all the breeze come from save it for summer dude. Let’s not forget and let’s not go too deep there but we cannot at any cost forget the cold, winter colds are the worst.

Summer ah, how much i wish to hibernate during these days but the fear of drowning to death in my own sweat keeps me from it and also every person no matter how rich or how hygienic they all sweat and become sticky.
Particularly this season makes me want to burn my entire closet up. I am on a hunt to find some super breathy clothes that keep me from becoming a walking fish market.

What doesn’t kill you makes you smellier.



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