Being taken for granted is such a painful thing yet it is something that most of us encounter, sometimes just one of you (every couple has its up’s and down’s) or even both of them at times (when you no longer can take it).

Remember the reason you fell in love, how you loved his messed up hair, how she was perfect even in those over the top mini.
I bet you do, can you recall why is it the same thing that attracted you to them is repelling you now???

Sometimes because one loves too much and bends too much, just to save the relationship. But seldom we forget that the beauty of a relationship is in the balancing act, there is a reason why they call it “Love”.


He dropped a tear but went with what you said was right, he hated to change the way he dressed but he did cause that brought a smile on your face.
She stopped talking to that guy who was a dear friend to her, who she could run for help or who confided in.

When your significant other is angry, if you really want to make it work take a step back calm them down. Once this is done discuss the same issue,thing or matter; once they cool down and they shall understand your point as well. So you see why is it called “act”.

Who are you really mad at, him/her or yourself. The very thing you loved about them is the very thing that you cannot tolerate now.
Now who changed again?

You are not losing anything here, you are just acting mature and making your relationship stronger in that heat of the moment.

Moving forward with this, when you have someone special in your life you tend to become a totally different person. Many times you keep things letting pass which eventually becomes a big iceberg and sinks you relation-ship. But adjustment is the key to solve this puzzle. And so is Change.


Change is just like two sides of a coin, like day and night, east and west, white and black connected yet different.
Some things make you who you are and some other make you something you are not. But then there are these things that mould you into a better you, cause no one can be better you then yourself. Gosh too much too confusing. Anyways he changed and changed for the good, without being someone else.

Let me tell you a small story…It is a story of two sisters and their love life.

Love is not something that you plan of, it just happens. Such is the story of these two brothers.
Having grown up in a small family they were well aware of what secrets to keep and what to reveal, while one found a decent the other ended up with an introvert.
The elder one with a decent looking guy enjoyed all that he could movies, shopping and all that you can think of. He had the best time of his life, on the other hand the girl he was with changed with every passing day. More restrictions more accusations and more tears. Days passed by and he was just sinking deeper and deeper into becoming nothing but a puppet of that woman. Soon he realised that he no longer know what he has become, he tried hard to break free but he was trapped too badly.

On the other hand his brother had a life which was very normal. They met and spoke did not go out that much, she was an introvert. And he was the most talkative guy you would every meet. He was sad that they did not go out much nor do they do fun things, nothing that could be called exciting ever happened with him. But he felt love and kept going on.

In the coming time these boys faced a big problem, the elder brother was shattered as the girl did nothing to make him feel better, she left him at his weakest moment. The time that he needed her the most, and the younger brother had her girl right next to him holding him like a rock. Braving his tantrums and low, making him see the sun even when she herself was gloomy.
Alas the brothers recovered from the pain.

Here in the above story, the younger brother had what you call a good relationship, where as the elder brother could not match with the girl he was seeing.
Being selfless is the first point of being in a relationship.


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