Can I ask for a little me

I don’t ask much of you, just let me breath as much as you. Maybe less I may take in but not so fast, no I won’t give in.

Girl child

For years I have carried the burden of name, family this family that nothing more but shame. If I smile if I play to others a pain I may stay.

My choice
The dress i wear is a choice i make, not for you to take it as a yes.

Just like all I wish to be, just a little freedom to be like me. Let me choose what blouse or tube, which color or print I may adorn.

Not much money or sky I need, only the gift of choice I seek. Don’t protect me from failure or flaw, watch me rise from the floor.

I can dress, I can speak, I can walk and seldom peek. Never have I asked why you wear what you wear and how can i, how can I dare.

Just because I am a girl I take the fall,of pride and falsy image of yours. What more can you be then a prick to me, taming me down for your personal glee.

You kill me for honor oh so great of you. Choice you make kills my honor too. I only have a way or two, to choose for self and die all blue…or bury the shadow of soul for you. Why walk a path that you forever lead.

Why do you have these double standards; speak, Dusro ki behan shorts mein totta, khudi ki behan shorts mein arota.

can i ask for a little meI can’t party but oh can you, what danger have I ever caused you. No going out no wearing bright watch your sleeves, cuts to deep, tight dress ugly loose so shabby…..what do I wear will you tell me? Oh now please.

More then strangers family kill, with each dream suppressed the devil breaths. Don’t be a part of my progress or failure just be a spectator to my housla.

Main jee sakti hun aap sab ke bina, kyun ki aaj tak kahan hai maine kuch bhi jiya.
De sakte ho toh saath do mera, salah toh khair gaire bhi dete hain, apnepan ka kuch katra toh hoga baaki……ke woh bhi kho diya aapne yahan hi.



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