Constant is pain

I shiver with pain….drenched in the rains,
Can u see my eyes….speaking no lies,
I feel insane to walk this lane,
Hoping to find the answers again,
Get hold of what bled out of me,
Still unfruitful this journey is….
Nothing but in vain,
The Ungod in love; which walks with us,
Disguised as a friend and foe alike,
Does it hurt to miss me more or does it pain to let me go,
Would you do it all over again given a chance to change how it all began,
Cannot redo whats already done,
Trust me once more its worth the burn,
Cannot ask you to walk with me,
Just don’t stop me from wandering,
I’ll find my path back to you I know not whether you would want me to,
I may not be smart at all,
Am I even worth the fall,
Or did you just play along,
walk with me and then just stall,
Then when the memories flow,
Even with these tears I glow,
Coz you know I loved you true,
May my words tell you soon….
Does my sadness reach you now…does it touch you, tell your vow,
It was indeed a fairytale…
Flew with the winds up up and away,
Wish I din’t build my castle of straw,
Which couldn’t stand the fire, rain or a blow,
Now I know better for life…..loving someone comes with a price…..I may not be rich enough …..but I could make each breath worth,
Take my final words…Good Bye…..may we meet again in the sky,
Hope my love will bleed away…..coz nothing but this pain will stay.


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