Don’t know what?

I really need not think about people place who how when why….do all these really matter?
How people react or what will they think you never know. And can never control either. All you can ever do is accept what comes your way; if you like it hold on or just let it pass.

Life has many turns that you might miss or many of those one ways that you should not have taken, not to forget the no entry, wrong lane, U turns and the wrong turn.

Just like the age old saying goes, good moments give u memories and bad ones a lesson.

Recently I learned one lesson, thankfully not the hard way out thou.
You can only give so much that people can handle. The more you give the heavier they get. Not every story has to be one with a happy ending.

I will still see the face, still hear that voice.
Never pass that corner, never touch that face, never feel the smile and never steal a gaze.

Two Chance’s are more than enough for a miracle to happen. 😉


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