I felt love!!

It’s July 11, 2014 almost 2 am and precisely 1:43 am. Well why is the time so important?
Long story , but I kinda love recalling how it all started and it makes me sad that it has already reached its end.
But you can’t do much to save something that isn’t meant to be.
And here I am jotting down this sweet feeling I always get when the clock strikes 1:43.
Last year in January hustling to get a ride, I had almost forgotten how dead my relationship was; and I tried pumping life in that dead body every time I had a chance, but I forgot creating zombies isn’t a good thing also the success rate of doing so is very low.
I felt weird and astonished. Always wondering how dull my life has become. I was running late, which made room for so many useless thought in my head and made it even worst.
Anyways it ended soon for good.
Finally I was in a room where I had 3 guys sitting right across me. At any regular day I would have met many boys but none would manage to strike a cord, today was something different. Werid! As I mentioned earlier!
Cupid had his deadlines and targets which he had to achieve. So I was the closest victim he could get his hands on.
I felt a sweat pain and was awestruck for a while, later to realize that I was falling in love. With the boy in black, shy yet bold, compose yet in rush.
I did feel the butterfly in my stomach it started with one and later was a bunch.
And just like any fairy tale I felt that I finally found my knight in shining armour.
Days passed love grew deeper and deeper.
Fight, make up and all the emotional drama just what I was missing.
I was missing love! Not the drama of course.
We broke up many time fought over stupid things and did all the small cliche things. He cared for me and I loved it.
You know how it is when a girl loves a guy way too much it kinda gets messed up.
Today after almost a year!
We have parted ways, but I still don’t have the answer to a question he always asked me
” Why do you love me so much?”
I still don’t have the answer to this.
All I know is that I still love him with all my heart and soul, his smile , his face, his voice everything about him.
Today I felt love!! Again! When I saw the clock and it was time for the daily ritual I have been following for a year now, a simple sentence
” I love you, *****”. It gave me a hope that maybe we will have our time some day.
I can’t be with him there is something that breaks us apart , and what ever that is couldn’t take away my love for him.
I feel a sad but sweet thing inside me. And I am glad that I have these memories that will keep this love lighted for life!!
If you can’t have your love feel it and set it free.


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