Christmas Do’s and Don’ts – Dress’es & Skirts

Christmas!! Its just a week for the most awaited day of the year. Its not just a celebration, its the dawn of hope, that life is going to be full of celebrations. Cookies, cakes and lots of presents.
Butterflies in the stomach and frenzy of shopping. So much to do, shoes, dress, decorations, family gathering, gifts and the sweet melody of the carols.
Just can’t wait for it.
Sitting by the window looking at the preps of it.
Got a list in my brain, what to do and what not to do.
What should i wear? What is outdated? What will go with these curtains?
Well curtains are mom’s part but for Christmas i got something which are best left for Santa and the rest is to add to our wardrobe.
What to change :
1. Instead of the regular reds why not try some wine shades or perhaps purple berry hue.



dress 1

Another no-no this year are the neon shades that have been doing the rounds, they might work, if mixed with the other pastel shades but just going neon is a “Spoiler Alert!!”


2. As the “Do-Not-Wear” color is touched lets move to the style.
Now next in the list is the High low dress, it has been evolving quiet well since a while and people have finally got the hang of it.
Carrying off a high low dress is again a task of elegance.


Another great art of work are the maxi dress that you should pick up.

20111126175808644 imasnk-l-610x610-skirt-maxi-dress-fitted-dress-blonde-neon-yellow-gorgeous-dress-love

3. Next in the list is Skirts, gone are the days when skirt has just the same cut the same length and the same look. Here are some skirts that can make you beg, borrow and steal.


Wrap Skirt

"Spring Breakers" Premiere - Arrivals - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Fish Tail Skirt


Pencil Skirt


High-Low Skirt


Ankle length Wrap Skirt


Peplum Skirt


Mini Skirt


Bandage Skirt


And The Tutu Skirt.

So, this is my list of do’s and don’s for the “Dress section” in the wardrobe this Christmas.
Experiment with the cuts and skirts.

Sorting the Tops and Jeans for you in the next article.
And Accessories!! Oh ya.


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