What was it if not a lie?? – Part 3

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He understood that I am upset because he was with someone I did not want him to be with and that I am feeling he isn’t having time for me.
Know why will I feel he isn’t having time for me, because we planned something a week ahead and the day we were supposed to go out he gets a call telling “we have a meeting at 3 don’t be late”.

Down goes the plan. After the day got ruined I still help him get ready for the meeting and wait for him to be back.
Yet again what happens a 2 hour meeting from 3:00 to 5:00, I wait till 7:00. Then I call to check, how long will he take. No answer, 2 times , 3 times no message no revert nothing.
Out of anger I message that I am leaving still nothing.
At 8 I get a call saying in the most soft voice that he is still busy and I will have to manage on my own.
“Ok baby, love you.”.
He : “you are not angry no”.

Me : “No, not at all”.
He : “Ok got to go, bye”.

Pack and home. This happened not just once, not just every week, almost every single time I wanted to spend time with him.
Not that I dint understand that he was busy, but I dint see the efforts to work a way out as there is always a way to find time for someone you care for.
I started joining him in his work doing a bit of help in it, later he took the initiative and asked me to tag along for the meetings.


Only for me to understand that he worked and not just fooled around.
But trust me they could have completed the task in just 30 min which they took 3 hours for, they chat more than girls do. I could hear him talk all my life and I wanted our company to be the best.

A few meetings and his partners started adoring me and understanding my ideas.
Then happened that should not have happened, something that changed everything between us.


While we were on our way to one of the meeting, till now the cracks has deepen and they showed a visible effect on our relationship. We had an argument on our way, and you know who was behind it, “the manipulator”.
The other partners had arrived and were waiting, we spoke and I suggested a few ideas they liked it.
They asked me to be the face of the company, I was shocked I refused instantly telling them I have a lot to handle already and don’t want to take up this position.
This started something in his head, something that should have never come up in his wildest of taught.
He was insecure of me taking his place.

He was upset and said some things that hurt me and I wanted to be alone I couldn’t believe it.
We had a fight. I told him that this is what he is feeling he is competing with me, he refused.

I dint want to talk at that moment, all the while we were together I kept telling him when he will give his 1st interview I will shoot it, and he thought I was stealing his position, he was insecure of me.
He left without telling anyone. I was angry and I get a call from the manipulator the last person I would want to speak to at this time.


“What are you doing to him?”
Me : “What am I doing to whom?”
Manipulator : “He was crying, he came to ask money and left”
Me : “Crying! Money! What are you talking”
Manipulator : “He asked me do I have cash I said yes, he took and left he was in tear, what did you do to him?”
Me : ……

I cut the call.
He was no one, and I definitely did not want his advice.
I called him, Switched off, his room-mate Switched off, all the friends I knew in his hostel, no one had a clue.

Called his mom it was his sister’s birthday the other day so I had an excuse to call her at 2am in the night.
No help here as well.
Was up till 5am and dint know when I fell asleep.
Got up again at 9am and rushed to his hostel, there he was sleeping.

Furious, just furious.


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