What was it if not a lie??? – Part 2

So where was I…
Amnmm Hmmm…

Yes staying back.

Staying back was a big decision.
It was making a commitment to all the lies and the misunderstanding… I agreed.

Since my college days I had a thing for animation and he was the expert from where I was seeing.
I convinced my family that I want to learn and he can teach me.

They did not want me to go there as they saw what I was not ready to accept, that he should have taken a stand for me, I was not wrong.

But I had decided to start anew.

We started meeting again.

The college campus was huge, big lawns and great aura; after all he was studying in one of India’s best college. He stayed in a hostel, just like any other boy’s hostel. Many boy’s in unclean short running here and their talking, smoking and the thing that annoyed me was their shyly running back to their room at the sight of a girl.
I remember visiting his room once and yes, I could see the discomfort on his face, all I could see in his room was ash and a lot of mess. This time it was much better.

I could stand in his room. But, he had lost a dear friend, he was sad and broken.

I saw him crying, the guy who I fell was in love with, who had a beautiful smile on his face, and that smile had disappeared. I had to bring him back, I had to put a smile on his face. To make him feel he isn’t alone.


Spending the entire day in his arms was like a dream come true. Talking about everything possible under the sky and doing nothing. Hugging, watching movies, cuddling and time just flew.

Looking into his eyes and being assured that everything will be fine.

Time kept passing by and we kept coming close. Long chats, late night calls, early morning Miss you message and a lot many fights.

This was all out in the open, his friends were comfortable with me around him, I was almost a guy with them just a lot cuter 😉


Now, this has it’s odd as well let me list to you the weird things that our relationship had.
For 6 long months the boys in the hostel use to be frightful to use the washroom. Wondering why??
Well imagine spending around 12 hours without a wash break, not quite possible isn’t it. Yes, I used the men’s washroom for 6 months.

Cleaned his room and found many new species which I dint even knew exist.

Made guys embarrassed in their own hostel. We fought over the slightest thing and made up at the sight of the 1st tear.
Lies were covered up and fight was ended, difference was mended and situations brought in lot of amendments. We knew we had to be together.
I was his new GPS, people knew he is there if they saw me, and if I was alone they knew that only I knew where will he be.

All this was going good and great.
I guess i said this too soon. Things changed. They changed sooner then the blink of an eye.

Let the bad part be out as well.
The common friend, who had landed me the 1st job, had some deep interest in me.
I did not like him since the start as he was quite manipulating in nature since the start. I kept my distance but destiny had different plans for me.


While I was happy and glad the way my life was going, there was the hell about to break loose on me. My Guy had started a new venture and guess who was his new found partner, the manipulator.
P.S: I am going to refer his partner as the manipulator henceforth just that you don’t get confused.

As usual he started playing little insecurity games. Made my guy hide things which we girls find out, and trust me even we don’t know how does this happen.
Fights happened, the manipulator started getting close to my guy pushing me away from him.



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