What was it if not Lie?? – Part 1

Sunday morning….Awww!!

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What shall i read, not that it was my 1st interview but it was a special one.wondering why, what was so special??. Well, I was finally an engineer and also, something so magical was about to happen that would change my life for sure.
As an opportunist, even I wanted to stand out and look like the best prospective employee.

Where are you??
Shit shit shit!! I am running late again.
Rush reach here soon they are a bit busy so I guess will get away with this one.
Thanks!! Buddy. I’ll be quick.

Being a morning person pays off well for people, I am not one you must have got an idea of this by now. I was 30 min behind my schedule; this night owl was definitely in trouble. Thou, I am not a morning person I don’t like reaching late and I have been struggling for almost 5 years to fix this
I am planning to give up on this one now.


Finally reached the place thanks to the traffic I was 15 more minutes late, and to my rocking bad luck I was the only one to be interviewed. Bravo! Bravo! They must have already made up their mind about me.

I was asked to wait in the conference room by one of them.

Thankfully, they are all young so I am less prone to being judged. After waiting for a while (Yes, I was also made to wait but that was fine) there came 3 boys, you heard me right Boys!! .

And here comes Cupid flying with that stupid Bow and Arrow.

One of the guy was wearing a black v-neck body hugging tee, with a tattoo on his arm.

Then started the Interview the prime reason why I was here in the first place. It was not that tough, or maybe the company made me feel at ease 😉
I was almost 5 questions done and the hell broke loose.
He smiled.
For the 1st time in my life did I stop speaking and stared, everything around me was inaudible, silent.
I don’t remember what I said that made him smile. But I could repeat it to see him smile again and again.
The sweet time was about to end, I was done with the interview and would be informed in a few days.

3 Days later I get a formal mail saying I am appointed.

I thought it was just a crush or maybe just the spark of that moment, But I was wrong I was still left breathless. There was an innocence in his face (well I will tell you about this later), and an unusual pull.

As soon as he entered the room, my throat gets dry, mouth reaches the ground, heart beats like a drill and I become a blonde.
I wanted him to notice me, I wanted to please him.

I started getting close to him. Just being myself, frank, friendly and confident. And he started opening up.


After a few days we started having lunch , tea, coffee together. Leaving together, calling and chatting.
Suddenly life had become more exciting and beautiful.

But…yes my story also has a “But” to it.

Remember the guy I told you, who asked me to wait.
Ok, take your time recall him.

Okay, now you got him.
Haven’t mentioned much about him but now is the time when he comes into the frame.


The Guy:

He was one of the 3 boys I had mentioned.  Calm and reserved, everyone there was calm and reserved. I was the only one there who was hyper and outward;
And Beautiful 😉

One of them was committed, the other twowere single and as you know love doesn’t come walking with roses, On its way there are thorns,  all around the rose bush of love.

The Guy” had started developing feeling, the similar kind of feeling that I had for someone else.
He never told this to anyone nor me neither our common friend.
And U know how irritating is to not get noticed.

He was getting suffocated inside, seeing me with someone else. The least he would want, that someone else to be one of his partners. So with that said.

There forms the triangle with a lot many knots and weak joints.

After a while he started having issues with our chats, calls, meeting after office etc., and he indirectly brought it up, causing hell lot of trouble stress and misunderstanding.

Least did I know that I should have taken this as a red signal.


After a painful yet fully satisfying one month I had finally Quit the job.

Here I am after a month of vague arguments and proving myself, standing outside my office… Oops ex-office, jobless and shattered.

Shattered why?
What would be worst then getting the letter of resignation signed by the one you fought for, by the one you least expected it from.

Yes!! That’s disappointing.

When the news came to me that he did nothing to stop the havoc and mess that went for a month long. Things which were breaking me down,causing me stress, or the stress I was subjected to because  was standing by him refusing to give up on us, readily putting on stake my job my career.

He did nothing to stop it.

I wanted an answer an explanation as to why, what stopped him.
Does he care?
Am I important?
Why didn’t he say something??

I was on a part time job, before joining the company.
I use to do part time jobs.
And just like the other times, I was on my job, while this news broke to me..
His best friend was no longer…

The only person who was close to him was no longer with us.

Shocked!!My mouth was dry.
Wordless, struck.
I was hysterically calling all his friends and people I knew.

I knew him personally. Met him spoke to him and now I get news that he is Dead.

All this happened.

While he (the guy i love) was outer town, we were having fights I just lost a job.
Things were awkward, but I knew no one will be able to break it to him and he should know, he has to know, he has to come back before the last rituals of this best buddy.

And that very moment I knew I care too much, I Love him, knowing the fact that he dint stand up for me.

My feeling for him were beyond words could explain.

I stayed back


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